Sweetwater Brewing Company

SweetWater Brewing Company is located in an industrial area of Atlanta. It started as a small brewery and has grown to be quite large. You can stop by the brewery during their limited hours and taste all their fabulous beers and take a tour of the brewery.


The Husband out front of SweetWater.

You can take the tour for free and have six (yes, SIX!) samples of beer. Or you can pay $10 for an awesome pint glass to try your samples in.


Our huge beer samples! And mine were free!

We enjoyed our samples and then saw the brewery employee walking around with a sign for a tour. So we joined the line following her and headed in to the brewery.

We learned all about the history of SweetWater and how they make their beer. It was really super loud so I didn’t catch it all, but I’m pretty sure some college students in Colorado dropped out of school and became awesome brewers.

IMG_9921 IMG_9928 IMG_9929 IMG_9919

After the tour, we walked around inside the tasting room and checked out the awesome outside area.

IMG_9932 IMG_9913IMG_9931

We saved the cask beer for last, because we generally really don’t like it. But holy cow! Best beer of the day! It was so good and we were super surprised/super pissed we saved it for last!


Best beer.

I’m definitely going back every time we visit Atlanta. It was really awesome and I drank for free!


4 thoughts on “Sweetwater Brewing Company”

    1. Wow that place looks awesome! I love the tie taps and the mannequins hanging from the ceilings. That place is in Atlanta?! I’m definitely going my next visit there. Thanks for the tip and thanks for reading!

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