Balance Spa at the Loews New Orleans

I put a lot of time and effort planning a family trip down the Mississippi, from Memphis to New Orleans. As my reward for a job well done and no issues on the whole trip, I went for a massage.
The Husband and I LOVE the Loews New Orleans. The rooms are so nice and they have jazz music playing when you check in. The Swizzle Stick bar is fabulous and has the coolest ice block and boat chandelier.


The ice block melts through out the day and they replace it every morning.
I didn’t have much time but luckily the Balance Spa has an express massage. They were able to fit me in with Tamla, the fantastic massage therapist.


The Balance Spa check in desk.
I checked in and headed to the locker room. I changed in to my nice soft robe and slippers and headed out to the waiting room.

IMG_7991 IMG_7993

The lovely locker room and comfy, soft rob.

There were nice chairs and fruit infused water to drink.

IMG_7994 IMG_7995

Waiting area and heading up to the treatment rooms.
Tamla came and got me and we headed to the treatment room. She worked mainly on my sore, knotty back (saving lives is hard work). She was very methodical and scientific about her approach and it made for the perfect massage. I’m booking the longest massage I can fit in the next time we go.


One of the treatment rooms.
After the massage I found my way back to the locker room, but not without first checking out the little indoor pool area.

IMG_7998 IMG_7999

The indoor pool and spa.


And of course they have a sauna too.
The next time you are in New Orleans, make sure you stay at the Loews and have a massage by Tamla. It will undoubtedly make your trip!

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