Tampa Restaurant Review: The Wine Exchange

I’ve been to the Wine Exchange in Hyde Park a few times; for drinks with friends and once for dinner when one of my BFF’s was in Tampa. But the Husband and I have never been for a date night dinner. So I bought a Living Social deal and we headed there for dinner.

It’s a nice small, cozy restaurant with an amazing wine list. They have so many different wines by the glass, which I really love since the Husband doesn’t drink wine and I like to try a little of everything. Luckily, they also serve beer, so the Husband was happy too.

I ordered the Neapolitan pasta. It sounded really good, sans the walnuts. For some reason I don’t like inconsistencies in my food. Soft food like pasta should not have hard walnuts in it. I know, I’m super weird. Either way, when my pasta came it was full of walnuts and missing the black olives.  It ended up being a little to bland and crunchy for my style, and yet it was still super good!


Good thing the Husband and I have been together for many years. I’m sure my teeth looked like a salad when I was done 🙂

The Husband ordered the bbq pizza. It was full of bacon, cheese, and chicken. It had a really good flavor but all the toppings made it very messy to eat.


BBQ chicken pizza.

Even with the slight wait for a table and the mix up in my food, I still really enjoyed dinner. The atmosphere and ambiance is perfect for a date night with the Husband. It’s just dark enough to be romantic, just busy enough to be entertaining, and the wine and food menu is fantastic. I’m not sure I’ll get the Husband there again but I can’t wait to try it again, maybe for a girls night out!



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