Tampa Business Review: Spaness Skin Care and Waxing

I love supporting small businesses. I try to always go to an independent owned business before I go to a chain. I rarely go to chain restaurants and I’m really trying to visit the little boutiques around me before heading to the mall.

One of my favorite small businesses is SpaNess Skin Care and Waxing. Owner Vanessa Iversen left the corporate world to pursue her dream to become an esthetician. And I’m so thrilled that she did! I have been going to Vanessa religiously for a few years now and she is so good at what she does.


Meet Vanessa!

SpaNess is located in South Tampa inside the Wellness Center. It’s a cute little building that offers multiple services, although I have yet to go to anyone but Vanessa.




I began my visit with a super hydrating facial. I was heading up to NY the next day, so I knew my skin was going to need some extra love. Vanessa is so thorough and pays attention to every little detail in my skin. She knows I travel often and she can always tell what my skin needs and what it’s lacking. She really has a knack for knowing exactly what to do.

She only uses natural products, and most of the products are made by other small business owners. She always has a seasonal option, and they always smell so good! I actually licked the blueberry one off my lips once, and it was pretty darn good!

She began my facial with a nice face wash, then applied the first mask.


Phase one, with squeaky clean skin. 

After a few minutes with some steam, she applied the second mask.


Phase two.

While this mask is on, Vanessa gives you a fabulous neck, upper back, and arm rub. This is one of my favorite parts of the facial. She is so calming and you can’t help but feel so relaxed.

When all the relaxation was nearing an end it was time to wax my eyebrows. Generally I am a big wimp, even though I have been getting them done for years and years. Luckily, the wax that Vanessa uses is very gentle on my sensitive brows. Only hurts for a second and the redness goes away pretty quick.


Beauty is pain sometimes.

And my last service of the day was my eyelash tinting. I have pretty long eyelashes but the ends are blonde, so I always wear mascara. That is, until I discovered eyelash tinting.







Look how lovely and long those babies are! So fabulous.

And if all that doesn’t sound good enough, her prices are very reasonable!


SpaNess menu.

So if you are in the South Tampa area and looking for somewhere to get pampered and relax, head over to SpaNess. Vanessa will take fabulous care of you and your skin.



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