Tampa Restaurant Review: Pinky’s Diner

I always read that Pinky’s Diner on Bay to Bay is one of the best brunches in Tampa. The Husband and I both finally had a Sunday off, so we headed over for brunch, with  my friend Lisa in tow.

The only problem was that it was Mother’s Day, the one day where everyone in the world wants to go out for brunch, instead of just hungover party animals such as ourselves. So being the smart person that I think I am, I called ahead. They said the wait was around 45 minutes and they would put my name on a list.

We showed up a little bit later and there was a huge crowd loitering around, waiting for a table. I stopped inside to see where my name was on the list, and it was still really far down.


The Husband waiting for a table, probably on Twitter.

Lisa and I walked around the Pinky’s Annex store and bought some cute stuff. Then we just sat around and chatted. For over an hour.

Finally,  my name was called. We head inside and sat down. Then I realized why the wait was so long. The place is really small.


More than half of Pinky’s Dinner.

They do have a few tables outside that are first come, first serve, as well as some stools at the bar.


The adorable bar.

We started with the customary brunch drinks.


The Husband and I had delicious mimosas.


Lisa’s delicious Bloody Mary.

The menu was fantastic. It was so hard to decide what to have. They have a turkey reuben, which is one of my favorite sandwiches. But the Husband put the kibosh on getting lunch and reminded me I was there for brunch. Since he is occasionally right, I opted for the Greek frittata and the rosemary potatoes. And it was so good. Just the right amount of flavor, not greasy, and a huge serving. I couldn’t finish it all.


My frittata.

The Husband decided on the stuffed french toast. Breakfast is the only meal where he isn’t too picky and eats almost everything (except eggs). But if french toast is an option he almost always orders it.


He saved me a bit as dessert and it was so good. Too sweet for me for breakfast, but I’m a weirdo and can’t eat sweets too early in the day.

Lisa ordered the Blackstone eggs benedict, sans the bacon, since she doesn’t eat things that breathe.


She said they were fabulous.

The brunch was definitely worth the wait. The prices were good, everything was homemade and delicious and the service was fast and friendly. I can’t wait to go back for lunch and the turkey Reuben.


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