Memphis in Under 24 Hours

Grandma has always wanted to take a paddle boat cruise down the Mississippi. So we went. The Husband, my mother, youngest brother Steven, and his wife Audra came with us.

The first night of the cruise was actually a night at the Sheraton in downtown Memphis. The Husband and I were pretty excited; he loves barbeque and I really wanted to see the ducks at the Peabody.

We all met up together at the Sheraton, which was a required stay for the cruise (more about that in a later post). The stay included 24 hour trolley passes so after we got everything settled, we headed on the trolley to Beale St.


Memphis trolley.

The Husband and I walked down Beale St in awe. The road was closed and there were people everywhere! Fluorescent lights were shining everywhere and there were windows for to-go drinks!


Beale St.

The native Memphisonian (Memphinite?) sitting behind us on the plane said Blues City Cafe on Beale St was the best place to go for barbeque.  Since we always assume natives know best, we headed there first.



Inside Blue’s City Cafe.

The Husband ordered a platter, so he could have his barbeque and I could have some sides and catfish. My part of the meal was delicious, but the Husband thought his was good, nothing special. He’s becoming quite the food critic!


Carnivore/pescatarian platter.

After dinner we walked up and down Beale St. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a dance party erupted in the street, with people doing the Wobble!


Beale St dance party.

After the dance party broke up we had some local beers ordered at to-go windows, and headed back to the hotel.

The next morning we had to register for our trip in the American Queen, then we made our way to the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks! By the time we got everyone together and the trolley finally arrived and started moving, we missed the ducks walking to the fountain. But it ended up being ok, since there were so many people we probably wouldn’t have been able to see the ducks anyway. When we arrived, they were frolicking and washing in the fountain, looking like they were having a fabulous time!

DSC_0023 edit small

DSC_0035 edit small


The Peabody Hotel was so beautiful and if I ever have to return to Memphis it will for sure be where we stay. The architectural details are so gorgeous!

DSC_0044 edit small DSC_0041 edit small

Inside the Peabody Hotel.

The ducks are so popular here, they even have a little Duck Walk of Fame.


Famous Peabody duck.

After watching the ducks, we headed to Automatic Slims for brunch. (Stay tuned for separate post on this amazing meal!).


The whole family sharing a mimosa bong!

We walked around Memphis and enjoyed the trolley and the ornate old buildings.


Very photogenic city.

DSC_0012 edit small DSC_0014 edit small

The sites in Memphis.

As we returned to the hotel, we noticed buses that looked like the American Queen we were about to get on!

DSC_0126 edit small

American Queen bus.

We grabbed out stuff and boarded the bus for our next stop, the American Queen down the Mississippi to New Orleans!

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