Because Loew’s had a sale

So, everyone who reads my blog online journal knows that the Husband and I are pretty much obsessed with the Loew’s hotel chain, and it all started with the Don CeSar, AKA the Pink Palace (see here).
A month or so ago they had a sale and we picked a random day to come to the Don. So here we are!


And thank god!!! The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Our AC is broken at home. And the repair man has been there four times this WEEK! The end of June in Tampa meets hot, humid, suffocating, horrible weather. The kind where your only time spent outside is running from one air conditioned location to another!

The Don has changed since we were here last month. The Sea Porch cafe has a new menu. The Husband had raspberry BBQ wings with plantain waffles. Tasted a lot better than it sounds; sort of a spin on chicken and waffles. I had the fabulous new crab quesadillas, which really was just crab dip on a tortilla. So of course I loved it, since I think anything is good on a tortilla.

The beach now has hammocks between palm trees and lots of beach activities. They have corn hole and ladderball, and most importantly, they have a Buffalo original: Kanjam!
And they have the beach. The weather here is pretty ridiculous lately but the higher powers must have known I wasn’t in the mood or any more annoyances today because it was perfect while I laid by the pool and did nothing.

Then I laid by the Gulf, waiting for the sunset.



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