Will we make it?

Well. We all know I hate flying. Not a shocker there. But I can function when needed. I will fly without xanax if I have to. Ya know, like when I have to drive home from the airport.
But the Husband. Oh the Husband. He requires Xanax. And rum. And even prayer. And he’s still nervous.
And Tropical Storm Andrea isn’t helping any. The sight when we arrived at the airport nearly sent the Husband to tears.

So we did what we know best. We went to the bar by our gate. Isaac drank more rum, and I had a lovely mimosa (or two).

Then our flight was delayed. Then they announced it was overbooked. Then they announced that the plane was broken. Fantastic. Because flying doesn’t already suck enough.

But we finally got on our flight. I was in my favorite spot, 1D. I love this seat because I’m usually the first on the plane, first to get complimentary vodka/crans, and, most importantly, I can see the flight attendants. And if they see chilling out, eating lunch, then I know I’m ok.

But, of course, as soon as we were seated, it started to thunder and lightning. The rain was pouring down and the runway was closed.

But we got our drinks and just hung out, waiting. Then we finally got in line for the newly opened runway, ready to take off.

Luckily I have the Window Seat app, so I knew just about where we were, and our ETA for b-lo.

Once we reached cruising altitude, we got more drinks and “upgraded” snacks.

And, honestly, once we were above Andrea (or maybe it had something to do with all the VC’s) but the flight was pretty pleasant.

And we made it alive. The Husband headed to his family’s for the night and I headed to Attica, to co-host a baby shower for our soon-to-be newest addition, Michael and his mommy Meressa!

The lovely weather thanks to Andrea

My airport mimosa

Our lovely view, courtesy of Andrea

Not many alcohols say for transportation only!

Well, if she’s calm than I’m ok

Window seat app. Makes me feel better….

(Side note: I apparently haven’t figured out the WordPress app, because I thought I published this last week!)

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