Our vagabond life: Frank Lloyd Wright

I love all things beautiful. People, flowers, stationary, food, shoes, buildings, really anything that makes me happy to look at. The Husband likes beautiful things too, but men and women clearly have different views on what is beautiful. So when Mother and I do the East Coast trip, we stop and see things that we find beautiful that maybe the Husband wouldn’t.

Frank Lloyd Wright knows have to make beautiful, interesting buildings. The Guggenheim in NYC, for example.What a brilliant idea, having the walk through the gallery be the gallery! Genius.

guugenhein ceiling

Art at the Guggenheim.

Maybe my love for Frank Lloyd Wright stems from all the influence he had on the architecture in and around Buffalo.

007 012 020 027

Graycliff in Derby, NY on Lake Erie


Mom and me at Graycliff.

But I have always wanted to see Fallingwater. Who wouldn’t want a house build over a waterfall???? What a grand, spectacular, romantic idea! And I will have the same beautiful corner windows in my house someday.

021 036 039 046 053 055 062

Such a beautiful place! Mr Kaufmann must have really loved his wife, to build such a majestic house for her.

As we were taking the tour of Fallingwater we learned that another Frank Lloyd Wright house was just down the road. So naturally we headed straight there.

Kentuck Knob. Built by friends of the Kaufmann’s because they loved Fallingwater so much. Not only does Kentuck Knob have the most beautiful cantilevers I have ever seen, it also has a very impressive sculpture garden, which includes a piece of the Berlin Wall and a London telephone booth.

081 072 084

So, please, do yourself a favor and go see these beautiful houses.

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