Our vagabond life: Nation’s Capital

Our good friend Bernard lived in DC on one of our trips from Tampa to Buffalo, so we decided to spend a few days in our Nation’s capital.


Where we stayed…. Right.

Generally, no matter who I drive up and down the coast with, we avoid the DC area. The traffic is more than I can stand on a 20 hour trip and even when I plan it just right so I’m driving thru NOT during rush hour, it seems it’s still rush hour.

But we made it to DC. And I think we barely fought.

So we did the required touring. We went to the White House.


It was seriously like 1,000 degrees out. And I saw a homeless lady take a poop in the park. And an Asian tourist puking next to the White House gate…. Nothing like being reminded of work when you’re on vacation….

And the Lincoln Memorial.


The love the crookedness of this photo for some reason.

We went to some of the Smithsonian museums. Of course, I had to see the Hope Diamond.

DSC_0377 DSC_0373

Tried to convince the Husband that since he’s Indian, I was entitled to the Hope Diamond.

I learned that if I ever had kids that I shouldn’t waste my time taking them here.


What kids really do at the Smithsonian museum

We saw Ford Theatre and the house the Lincoln died in.

DSC_0317 DSC_0320

The filming of the special, The Spirit of America, was being done at Ford Theatre while we were there.


We saw some famous people.


George Lopez

And the President was there. His motorcade was many, many, many cars long, so I have no idea what car he was in, if any of them. But I do know we were surrounded by snipers.


I kept looking in the mirror to make sure I didn’t have a red dot on my forehead….

So I decided this must be the POTUS.


Maybe just a random car, maybe not.

After all the excitement we decided it was time for a drink (shocker). So we met up with B just in time for happy hour.


B, myself, and the Husband

The bartender was also an amateur sommelier and photographer, so it worked out perfect for me.


Well rounded bartender

So then we headed back to our hotel, the Loew’s Madison Hotel. We love the Loew’s hotels and try to stay at them where ever we go. So we’ve been to quite a few. The man at the reception asked us how we liked the hotel compared to others. When I told him my honest opinion (something I do a little too often) that it was our least favorite, he was determined to change that.

Welcome to the Penthouse Suite.

DSC_0595 DSC_0593 DSC_0592

Three of the six rooms in our suite.

And the best part was the view. Now, we had been to the Washington Monument earlier that day.

DSC_0297 DSC_0307

Washington Monument

But the view from our giant balcony was the best.


Washington Monument

So, despite seeing more bodily fluids from strangers than I typically do at work, we had a great stay in DC.

And the Loew’s Madison Hotel is now one of our favs.

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