Unlimited Video Games Superstore, St Pete, FL

I recently discovered the gem that is the Unlimited Video Games Superstore in Pinellas Park, near St Pete. My brother, a serious gamer (here is his Twitter handle for any serious gamers reading this) came to visit from Buffalo and I knew I had to take him here.

The moment we pulled into the parking lot I knew we were all going to like it. We’re a family of gamers; I could spend all day playing Nintendo, especially Mario 3 and Sonic. The murals on the outside of the building were enough to make a visit! They made us all so happy.

It’s also the largest retro video game store in the US! Beyond the gorgeous murals, the inside is also worth the visit. They have basically every type of game and system you could imagine.

There is also an arcade, where you can play all sorts of games all day for only $8!

Unlimited Video Games is such a fun store and experience! Everyone working there was super nice and helpful. Even if you aren’t really into gaming, I highly recommend making a visit here. It’s the perfect spot for a family fun day or a super unique date night.