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Ready Steady Yeti Go!

17 Feb

Ready Steady Yeti Go take your teenagers to see this play! The heart and soul of this show is brilliantly displayed by the talented young actors from Blake High School’s Magnet program. It takes you down a journey of unlikely friendships, bullying, and depression that is so common for many teenagers. Ready Steady Yeti Go will help parents understand what their kids are dealing with and will open the channels of communication that can make a difference in a teenager’s life.


The entrance to Stageworks Theatre in downtown Tampa


The beautiful program


The stage and set

Ready Steady Yeti Go is at Stageworks Theatre until February 24th. If you have teenagers, I highly recommending go to see the show. You can buy tickets here.


Disclaimer: The tickets were provided to me, but my opinion is all my own. And sometimes the Husband’s.