The Colorful Cafeteria of Rome

Caffetteria Bistrot, inside the DART Chiostro del Bramante, is the most beautiful contemporary spot in Rome. The building was designed in 1500 and renovated into the current museum in 1997. Entrance to the museum requires a ticket with a fee, but a visit to the colorful cafeteria is free!

The art begins as soon as you walk into the door. You’ll know you found the entrance when you see this neon sign (not sure if this is permanent or part of the current art exhibit). You go past this sign and let the ticket person know you are going to the cafeteria and they let you through.

You know you’re in for a visual treat when you go around the corner and see the stairs. I may wear mostly black but there are few things I love as much as seeing a rainbow of colors.

I want a tree house library with these stairs leading to it

We stopped at the bistro to order drinks. They also have a decent menu and everything looked really good, but we just ate so we had drinks.

They give you a number and you can either sit in the bistro, outside in the hallway overlooking a beautiful art installation, or in the cafeteria.

View from the hallway

We sat in the cafeteria, since that was the reason we stopped there. It was everything my rainbow dreams could ask for! It was so colorful and beautiful. There was so much to look it, I could have stayed for hours. The amount of time and attention to detail required to make each edge of wallpaper match, the curtains to be made exactly for the spot on the wall they were used, and the fabric to make the chairs was impossible to comprehend. I absolutely fell in love with this room. If I ever have my tree house library with the rainbow stairs, the inside needs to look just like this. It felt magical.

The drinks were quite reasonable for being a toursity spot, at €8 for an Aperol Spritz. The museum looked interesting and the bookstore was awesome as well. This is the perfect spot to get out of the sun (or rain) and crowds for a bit while enjoying something truly unique.