Riots and fish tacos

Yes I love San Fran. I mean, come on, the seals! Alcatraz! Lombard Street!

_DSC0018 - Copy

Pier 39, San Fran

And Los Angeles…. Well I love cities. And surprises. So…  Of course I love dirty, crowded, smoggy LA.

iPhone 239

La Brea Tar Pit

But my favorite Cali city is San Diego. It’s beautiful, it’s clean, you can ride the trolley to Tijuana. But most importantly, it’s next to Pacific Beach!

The first time I went to PB there was a riot. A full on, cops with guns and gas masks, riot. It was crazy. And scary.


Riot police, 2007

But that was nothing compared to the fish tacos. Ooooohhhhhh the fish tacos. And on taco Tuesday? Just leave me there, come back Wednesday to roll me home…iPhone 156

The view is so stunning, it just encourages you to have a Corona. Or Tecate. Or shots of tequila.

iPhone 155

Pacific Beach


Pacific Beach Bar and Grill. THE place for fish tacos and tequila.


Pacific Beach Sunset