Hotel Review: Hotel Belvedere, Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

We decided to take it easy at the end of stay in Italy and booked two nights at Hotel Belvedere in Bellagio, on Lake Como. After much debate, we decided on Bellagio instead of Menagio or Varenna, mainly because we had read that Bellagio had the most to do. And it was true. There was a ton to walk to and for 15 Euros per person you could take the ferry all day long to Menagio and Varenna anyway. Plus, Bellagio had a gorgeous view from both sides of the town.

The Hotel Belvedere was very reasonably priced for how gorgeous it was. We did not get a lake view room but it still had a nice view of a giant magnolia tree and it was fun to people watch from the balcony.

IMG_1811 - Copy

Hotel from the street.

IMG_1819 - Copy

Not the lake, but not bad either.

The hotel isn’t far from the ferry, but it is uphill. Luckily, the hotel will come pick you and your luggage up when you arrive on their electric golf cart. They take you right to the lobby, where you’re greeted with fresh juice while you check in.

IMG_1812 - Copy

The lobby is very pretty and has a little bar in the corner.

IMG_1813 - Copy IMG_1814 - Copy

Directly off the lobby is a dining room with a spectacular view.

IMG_1828 - Copy

We were pleasantly surprised when we entered our room. Being one of the rooms without a view of the lake we weren’t sure what to expect. But it was well appointed and quite spacious.

IMG_1821 - Copy IMG_1822 - Copy

IMG_1815 - Copy IMG_1816 - Copy IMG_1817 - Copy IMG_1824 - Copy IMG_1818 - Copy

The bed was pretty comfortable and there was a switch for the fan right next to the bed, which the Husband really liked. There were plenty of outlets too; more outlets than I had adapters. The bathtub was large and the water pressure was pretty decent. The TV had enough channels, including one that showed a lot of HGTV shows.

The room key was large and pretty heavy, which wasn’t fun carrying around.


But with a view like that, who cares?

The hotel had an amazing pool and hot tub area. The hot tub wasn’t actually very hot, but again, with a view like that, who cares?

IMG_1830 IMG_1852

Isn’t it just breathtaking?

The view was actually amazing everywhere you looked.


Even the library had a fabulous view!

IMG_1884 IMG_1887

Yes, I said library! Isn’t that fun?

We had to leave pretty early on the morning we headed to Zurich and didn’t have time to eat breakfast. The manager actually gave us each a take away breakfast bag, with water, bread, fruit, and yogurt in it! And he made me an espresso while we waited for the shuttle to take us to the ferry.


Sometimes a small gesture makes a huge impression!

Not only would I HIGHLY recommend staying at the Hotel Belvedere, but I would live here if I could!

Hotel Review

(Zero being the lowest, ten being the highest)

Cleanliness: 10

Friendliness: 10

Experience: 10

Comfort: 10

Value: 10

Amenities: 9 (only because the Wi-Fi was pretty slow)

Location: 10

Overall Rating: 10

Referral rating: 10