Airbnb Review: Apartment with Garden, La Spezia, Italy

Honestly, I wasn’t going to write about this one because it underwhelmed me so much that I didn’t want to waste the space to save the pictures. Then I thought if it saved one person from sleepless nights, it was worth it.

We booked the apartment with garden because it was close to the train station and had AC, which thankfully worked really well since it was pretty hot while we were there. The outdoor space was an added bonus, because I love having a private spot to get some fresh air.

We walked all 150 lbs of our luggage from the train station and it wasn’t easy, but that was mostly my fault. I forget at first that the host gave us specific directions so we (mostly The Husband) ended us pulling our heavy luggage uphill, just to go back downhill. We did not make that same mistake on the way out.

Despite being on the ground floor, it was up 9 stairs, which was extra annoying after my dumb mistake walking up the hill.

The place itself was fine. It was modern and clean and had the basic necessities. It only had one coffee pod, no paper towels, only one full roll of toilet paper, but that stuff is easy to buy.

The kitchen appliances were decent, but we barely used them. The couch was pretty uncomfortable and the wifi kept dropping, making it annoying to watch TV or write blog posts.

The bathroom had zero counter space. There was nowhere to put any of my toiletries. I ended up bring a side table from the living room in to put my stuff on. I did like the tile and it was nice that there were two doors out to the patio.

The outdoor area was nice but not at all private. There were neighbors in every direction, and they were always looking out their doors or windows, hanging their clothes or doing whatever. The flowers were beautiful but the bugs thought so, too.

The white chair in the foreground was the only comfortable spot in the whole place

But the absolute worst part was the bed. It was so hard and you could hear and feel the springs. It felt like an old pullout couch mattress, the kind you slept on in your grandma’s Florida home in the early 90’s. It was awful. I thought I was going to be catapulted out of the bed every time The Husband moved. I slept so poorly that my Oura ring was like boo, what’s wrong with you, you are a mess.

At $793 for four nights, I expected a little better than what it was. Unlike all of our previous Airbnbs in Italy, I would not recommend this one and would definitely not return.