I Published My Novel!

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll remember I was a little MIA a while back. I was writing a novel because it was on my bucket list and I wanted to cross it off. The idea came out of nowhere and I was truly unprepared for how much work it would be AFTER the first draft was done!

A few years later and here I am! A (self) published author! After over 30 rejection letters I decided to go against my editor’s advice and self-publish The End of Sam. I wanted to end my relationship with Sam and move on to the next book!


The End of Sam is a dramatic novel about a man’s life and how his poor choices resulted in a death row sentence. On his last day alive, he reflects on his life while telling the story to the prison guard he┬ábecame close to. Right before he is scheduled to walk to the death chamber, he receives news that could change everything. But will he choose to save his life at the expense of the people closest to him?

If this sounds like something you would like, head over to Amazon and download it for Kindle!

If you have any thoughts/comments/questions/encouragement please let me know! It took a lot to put myself out there by publishing my book. It was very different from the posts I write on here, and even from my publication in the American Journal of Nursing and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Spirit of Canada. This was very personal and very scary, and part of the reason it took me so long to publish it. I don’t do well with criticism but I’ve learned that you just can’t please everyone, so there is no point in trying. I’m happy with my book and that’s what matters the most.