When you don’t have time to travel: Hawaii Potluck

Part of being a home owning, married adult is having dinner parties. The Husband and I are lucky enough to have some pretty fabulous friends here in Tampa. So when we get antsy for travel, we have themed potluck dinners. Yea, yea, I know we are nerds. Fully aware. And I embrace it wholeheartedly.

So now about getting lei’d.

Leis and umbrellas for our Ultimate Hawaiian Volcano drink.

So we invited our friends over, put on Jack Johnson, cracked open a cold Kona beer, poured some Volcanos, and sat down to eat.
We had Hawaiian BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches with Hawaiian slider rolls, Hawaiian rice, and pineapple sorbet.

Of course I had Hawaiian themed plates. Thanks Party City!

And we had so much fun! Reminded the Husband and me of the month we lived in Honolulu!

Where should our next gastronomic travels be? Only requirements are good food and great drinks.