SCREAM-A-GEDDON Ticket Giveaway!

I don’t know when I became such a lover of haunted houses, but SCREAM-A-GEDDON is hands-down my all time favorite haunted attraction. I say attraction because it is more than just a haunted house.


Returning again this year are the interactive attractions Blackpool Prison and Infected: Ground Zero. Choose to be part of the horror, or be a spectator while walking through the house. Although they are both exhilarating options, I highly recommend being part of the action! But beware, you may be forced into a dentist chair while they try and drill your teeth or shoved into a small box!

Also returning this year is my favorite attraction, Dead Woods. Take a walk through the Deadwoods if you dare with just a glow stick to light your way. Be careful though, the Tate family is out there, waiting for strangers who are unlucky enough to end up on their land.

Dead Woods - Image -SAGLOGO

There are three new attractions this year! Rage 3D is a venture into your subconscious where abnormal creatures, figures, and clowns will push you toward insanity! There are only three rules:

  1. What happens inside RAGE 3D STAYS THERE… including your friends if they get lost.
  2. You can’t leave until the experience is over… no matter how insane you might get.
  3. Don’t be alarmed by the clown with the chainsaw… he’s there for your pleasure


Also new this year is Demon’s Revenge. The secret village of Avalon becomes a portal to hell that unleashes demons on all those who reside there!


Zombie Paintball Assault is a new bonus attraction this year! Want to practice your zombie-hunting skills? Here is your chance! Become a recruit, specialist, or sniper and take down the zombies that have been hunting us! This attraction does require an additional ticket:

  • Recruit Package w/100 Paintballs = $9.95
  • Specialist Package w/ 200 Paintballs = $14.95
  • Sniper Package w/ 300 Paintballs = $19.95

The center of all the action is the Monster Midway. Give your heart rate a break and enjoy fair food, drinks, and games but don’t let your guard down, there are monsters hiding in every shadow!

Does SCREAM-A-GEDDON sound as exciting to you as it does to me? You’re in luck! I have 4 tickets to give away! To enter, comment below and tell me what you’re most afraid of! For an additional entry, follow me and SCREAM-A-GEDDON on Instagram, then comment on my giveaway post with your favorite emoji! The tickets will be mailed, so the winner will have to supply their mailing address. Giveaway ends September 26th.


Disclaimer: The tickets have been provided to me, but my opinions are my own. And sometimes the Husband’s.