Top Golf Tampa

Top Golf is a golfing and entertainment venue south of Tampa, in Brandon. It’s three levels of golfing, bars, food, foosball, pools tables, and video game fun.


When the Husband’s childhood BFF and his girlfriend came to visit we knew it would be the perfect place to take them. His friend is an avid golfer and they were visiting from cold, snowy New York, where they haven’t been able to enjoy the outdoors in months.

We arrived around noon on a weekday and it was already very busy. We registered for our membership cards (onetime fee of $5 and required to play) and then headed to the hostess. They give you the option of being on the first, second, or third floor. We picked the third because we thought the view would be the prettiest, and it was. You could really see everywhere.



The hostess showed us how to work the system and all the different kinds of games you can play. It’s a really cool system; your ball has a GPS type tracker so you can see if you’ve hit a target. It shows up on the screen and you get points. Although it looks like you’re at a boring driving range, you are actually playing a game with your friends!


They have clubs available at each station; men, women’s, lefty, and kids so there is no need to bring your own, unless you want to. And the use of the clubs is included in the price.


They also have a pretty great food menu. At first glance, it sounds like your typical bar/pub menu. But as you read the descriptions it’s pretty apparent that it’s much more than that. I wanted to try so many different things but we were heading to lunch after, so we just got the queso. And it was delicious. (But you can really never go wrong with cheese, amiright?)


The Husband beat his nearly golf-pro friend at the first game! Such a show off.

I’m really bad at golf but I still had a great time. I definitely plan on going back, but I would go more often if it was in Tampa instead of Brandon.