Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland

Christ Church Cathedral dates back to 1030 AD, with some parts maintaining the medieval architecture from that time, while other parts have been restored throughout the centuries.

After seeing so many churches over the last four months, this one was little bit of a letdown. It was really hyped by basically anyone who has been to Dublin, so maybe my expectations were a big elevated. Plus, it looks so giant and gothic from the outside, but the inside didn’t seem to match.

The self-guided tour with just the handout they give you was sufficient to learn the key areas of the cathedral. The nave and stained glass windows were lovely, and it was pretty cool to see the tomb of Strongbow and the heart of St Laurence, the patron saint of Dublin (I was surprised it wasn’t St Patrick, they love him here). Plus the floors are lovely.

The basement crypt was the coolest part of the cathedral. It dates back to the 12th century (some parts even the 11th) and is the largest crypt in Ireland. There is some beautiful artwork and gold pieces, plus part of Ireland’s original Magna Carta. Strangest of all, there are mummified remains of a cat and a rat that were discovered in the cathedral’s organ pipes.

This is still an active church, offering prayer, services, Eucharist, and choir concerts.

At €10 per person, it’s a must-do while in Dublin, even if you have seen more churches in the last four months than the previous 39 years combined.

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