Hotel Review: The Vendue Charleston

My bill-paying job in telemedicine requires occasional travel (much more pre-COVID obviously) and we had a team meeting recently in Charleston, SC. My boss lives there, so he was in charge of planning, and he booked us The Vendue for our two night stay.

The Vendue has two locations located across the street from each other in a historic warehouse. Dubbed Charleston’s first and only hotel dedicated to the arts, the vibe is funky and playful the moment you arrive.

The check in was a breeze. Instead of a check in desk, they had multiple people in the lobby with laptops to check you in. They also had multiple table areas that doubled as chess boards. But my favorite thing was the artist-in-residence, creating art right inside the lobby.


The lobby has amazing art everywhere you look.

Each room is different. The first room I was in had a broken AC, so I was moved to a different room. They were relatively similar in esthetic and set up, but my coworker’s room looked completely different (mine, below, had a funky/chic vibe, hers was more Henry the 8th).

Side note: almost every hotel room I stay in has a broken AC. Is it just me?

I loved all the cute details that were definitely in line with the art theme.

The Vendue also has a nice rooftop bar, with two levels, a covered area, and lots of seating.

The location was great. It’s steps from the waterfront and a short walk to King St. You can easily get to all the best spots in Charleston from the hotel.

I’ve stayed at a few different hotels and Airbnbs in Charleston, and I would definitely chose The Vendue for my next visit.