Move over #WCW, there’s a new Wednesday hashtag in town. #WYW #WeekendYetWednesday. No one likes Wednesday, not even that annoyingly adorable Huuuump Daaaay camel.


Far enough from Sunday that Sunday Funday is a fading memory and not close enough to Saturday to make daydreaming of the weekend pleasant.
Weekends are full of the promise of fun, relaxation, libations, and friends. No need to turn in early or sit out a round because you know that alarm goes off way too soon.
Weekends can take you to your back yard or far away (ish) adventures. Do you dream of a BBQ with friends or a weekend away with your lovie?
#WYW can take you there, if only mentally for a few short minutes.
For my first #WYW, I want to be in Paris, sitting on our hotel balcony, drinking a glass of Moët & Chandon from a bottle we bought while we were in Épernay, while looking at the Eiffel Tower.

DSC_1583 small


Where do you wish you were on this #WYW?