Brews with Attitude

If you read my blog, you know that I love libations, especially in the form of a festival! With over 50 breweries and 200 beers to sample, Pepin Distributing‘s Brews with Attitude is my favorite beer festival. They combine delicious craft beers from all over the country with delicious food trucks, live music, and lots of surprises.

Photo credit: Pepin

The fun starts the moment your Uber drops you off (we are all very responsible people in Tampa). For the price of your ticket, you received a sampling cup that you can carry around your neck, a notepad and pen to take notes of your favorite brews, and unlimited samples!

When we arrived was the only time my cup was empty!

The festival is crowded but there are so many stands that you didn’t have to wait to try the beers. It is spread out nicely inside and outside, so you can duck into the air-conditioning and try a few breweries if you get too warm.

One of Tampa’s many delicious local craft breweries
Another local(ish) brewery, not far from Tampa and my choice for best in show! I loved Motorworks Brewery‘s Pulp Friction Grapefruit IPA.

We also scored a ton of swag, and a photo with the world’s tallest man! Okay, maybe he was just a regular height man on stilts, but he still towered over us!

Who doesn’t love stickers?
Surprises everywhere you look!
I think 5-feet above me is my best angle!

Of course, they also had food trucks. I decided that a grilled cheese sandwich and tots from Mr. C’s Grilled Cheese was the perfect thing to soak up the samples so I could keep trying more!


I think it’s pretty obvious why I consider this to be the best beer festival. It’s really fun to sample beers that you’ve never heard of or maybe wouldn’t normally try. I tried dark beer, light beer, hoppy beer, sour beer. I’m not generally an IPA person, so I may never have discovered the deliciousness that is Motorworks Brewery‘s Pulp Friction IPA. Even if you’re not a beer person, you might find a beer you like when you have over 200 to try! Make sure you follow Pepin Distributing on Instagram and Twitter so you don’t miss next year’s Brews with Attitude!




Disclaimer: The tickets were provided by me, but my opinions are my own. And sometimes the Husband’s.