Restaurant Review: Sushiyaki

My neighborhood of Palma Ceia West in South Tampa has gained yet another new neighbor. Recently we welcomed The Blind Goat and Burger Monger, and now Sushiyaki is open. It’s a little bittersweet for me, because I loved Just Thai, which was there before. But things change and I’m just glad it’s not another bank or doctor’s office.

After a grueling hour of kickboxing at Title Boxing my girlfriend and I headed to Sushiyaki for lunch. I’ve been meaning to try it since it opened but the picky Husband doesn’t eat sushi. Little did I know that they actually have crispy chicken there…

It’s an order at the counter and they bring it to your seat kind of place; one of those hybrids between fast food and a restaurant. It was definitely quick and convenient and obviously better than McDonalds.


Front area


Tranquil seating area

I decided that since it was my first time there I should get my favorites, seaweed salad and an eel roll of some kind, since I’ve had them a lot at a bunch of different places (my favorite is at Samurai Blue).

I started with the seaweed salad. Although the presentation lacked imagination, it tasted really fresh and had a nice crunch.


Despite being served in a boring plastic cup, it was really good.

Next I had the Dragon Roll, which is tempura shrimp and eel. The roll tasted really fresh and the eel didn’t have the slimy feeling that you sometimes find and the eel sauce wasn’t thick or sticky (I hate that).


Again, the presentation left little to be desired, but the roll was really good. And I really shouldn’t expect fancy plates from a place where you order at a counter.

My friend, Sabrina, also got the Dragon roll, but instead of seaweed salad she made hers a bento box (just $3 more!!!) and got the ginger salad, two fried pork dumplings, rice, and a California roll. She loved all of it, and said the dumplings were really good. And you definitely couldn’t beat the price!


The Bento box, who’s presentation actually matches how good the food is. Although it’s still served on plastic it looks like better quality than just a plain tray, which took away from the experience of the delicious food (in my opinion).

I’m really happy to have Sushiyaki as a neighbor. I can say for sure that I will no longer just grab sushi from Publix or Trader Joe’s when I’m having a craving. And their kids menu/picky Husband menu really does have something for everyone.

Restaurant Rating

(Zero being the lowest, ten being the highest)


Quality of Food: 10

Drink Selection: 5 (average soda machine, few beers and wines to choose from)

Cleanliness: 10

Friendliness: 10

Experience: 5

Parking: 10 (nice parking lot)

Value: 10

Location: 10+++++ (it is my neighborhood, after all)

Overall Rating: 8