Airbnb Review: Dublin, Ireland

A decent Airbnb was surprisingly difficult to find in Dublin. The majority of them were all owned by the same guy, and they weren’t in the most convenient locations. Luckily, we finally found one in the city center.

Because it’s almost always raining and on the colder side (highs in the 60’s) we didn’t need AC, which did help open up the search. We really wanted one that was a short walk to the main areas, and of course, not up multiple flights of stairs because of all of our luggage.

The one we finally booked was a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. The living room had a futon instead of a couch, and it was so uncomfortable for my almost 40-year-old self. I couldn’t relax and watch TV comfortably, and I found myself moving from seat to seat, never getting comfortable.

It had a nice little kitchen without a coffee maker or a dishwasher. I’ve been living on instant coffee for a month and I hope I never have it again after we leave here. But at least it had a clothes washer. The appliances (and hot water) needed to be switched on to be used, which was annoying at first but we got used to it. The combo washer/dryer was an absolute crapshoot, the same setting having different results each time. But it washed and mostly dried, so it was fine. Side note: I can’t wait to use my fancy washer and dryer when we return home. I never thought I would be excited to do laundry ever.

The bathroom was small but fine. The hot water needed to be turned on to use, and the owner said 20-30 minutes before using. I learned really quick it needed more like an hour. The only thing I hate more than washing my hair is doing it in a cold shower.

The bedroom was a nice size and had a queen sized bed and a little desk area. The bed was an old spring mattress and you could feel and hear the springs when you were laying down. It wasn’t as bad as the Airbnb in La Spezia, but it was close. And it was for a whole month.

The apartment is in a complex but faces the courtyard-style parking lot. To access it, you had to go through the front door, down a flight of stairs, out another door, down the sidewalk, and to the apartment door. Each door was locked, so it was a bit annoying going and coming, but it was very secure. But the parking lot has a lot of trees and flowers, so it was a nice view with great bird watching, while drinking my garbage instant coffee on the back breaking futon.

The apartment location is so central that is was very loud at night, especially on the weekends. People walked by the bedroom window, which was in the the front but down a level like a basement apartment, all hours, super loud, leaving the pubs. But that’s the price you pay to be close to everything.

It also wasn’t the cleanest, but the owner brought me a vacuum and cleaning rags. After a good dust and vacuum, and washing all the dishes, it was fine.

At $4,230 for the month, it was bit pricey for what it was, but still cheaper than the other ones in the area. Despite the futon, bed, and loudness, I would still stay here again.

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