Airbnb Review: Lyon, France

For our stay in Lyon, we knew we wanted to stay in the Presqu’île area, the peninsula of the city between the Rhône and Saône rivers. We procrastinated pretty bad picking a place so there weren’t many options that had an elevator, AC, and a washing machine.

We needed up booking a small place in a great spot. It was central to all the primary things to see in Lyon, and the main restaurant area was nearby. It had a small but tidy living room and kitchen, little bedroom, and tiny bathroom. And it was quite cheap, at $646 for four nights. That should have been my first clue.

When we arrived, we had to get they key out of a holder inside the garbage closet in the entryway. It was hot and stinky but only took a few seconds. The apartment was on the first floor via the elevator or second floor via the stairs, which threw me off. It was a tiny elevator, so I went up first with one suitcase and the keys.

I unlocked the door and I was sure I had accidentally walked into someone else’s apartment. It looked nothing like the pictures and was full of stuff. Glasses on the counter, fridge full of stuff, and initially I couldn’t find the bathroom. I had no cell service, so I couldn’t text The Husband or pull up the Airbnb listing.

The Husband made it up there with the rest of the luggage and assured me that it was the right place. It was just lived in. The girl who owned the apartment had her stuff everywhere. I’m talking dishes drying on a rack, jars and such on the counter, stuff in the shower, the washing machine, and so on. But we were tired so we set our stuff down and made the best of it. Or tried to. Before you look at my pictures, check the pictures in the listing.

It was extremely hot in Lyon, and the listing said it had AC. What it didn’t mention was that it was a portable AC that we had to roll from behind the bed and put in the giant windows in the living room. So there was cold air, followed by hot air from the open window, that didn’t make it to the bedroom.

The bed was the most uncomfortable bed. It was small, hot, on the floor, no plugs for our phones. I basically didn’t sleep for four nights in Lyon.

The toilet was in a closet in the hallway. It was so small that you couldn’t really close the door while using it.

The sink and shower were in the bedroom. The main shower head didn’t turn on and you had to hold the handheld one to use it, there wasn’t a holder. I hate washing my hair with one hand.

I would absolutely not stay here again. I was uncomfortable and felt crowded. I am not that high maintenance but I will admit I have gotten used to a nicer level of quality. And the riots were right outside. But that’s not why I wouldn’t stay again. I felt like they lied saying it had AC and I don’t like to be bamboozled.

Want the thank me for staying here so you never will? Say thanks with a glass of wine!

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