Restaurant Review: 50 Kalò, Rome, Italy

50 Kalò has been on the top of The Husband’s pizza list and he had no idea there was one in Rome until we got here. He assumed we had to go to Napoli or London to try it, so he was very happy to learn there was one a short walk away.

50 Kalò is basically on every list of the best pizza. It has way too many awards to list, but you can see them on their website.

The Husband ordered the margherita pizza. The dough was flavorful and light, and the sauce was the perfect tomato sauce. Within bites it was at the top of The Husband’s favorite pizzas ever list.

I had a pizza similar to the margherita, but with pecorino cheese instead of mozzarella. The dough is so light and the pizza is so easy to eat, that I actually ate my whole pizza myself (usually The Husband has to help).

The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated and deceptively large. In addition to the outside seating and large seating area in the front, there is also a huge spot downstairs.

Usually there is a wait but we went around 1 pm on a Saturday and we got a table right away. It was rainy and gloomy, so that may have been keeping people away.

This was definitely in my top three pizzas in Rome.

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: 50 Kalò, Rome, Italy”

    1. We don’t usually eat breakfast but when we do, it’s always a cappuccino and a cornetto al cioccolato. I did find a few places with avocado toast, which made my elder millennial heart happy lol.

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