Hotel Review: Loews Coral Gables

I had to go to Miami for work and it just happened to be the week after the Loews Coral Gable opened. The Loews Hotels are some of our favorite hotels, so we were super excited that there was a new one.

It was pretty difficult to find the entrance. The directions were wrong and took us to the wrong street. After driving around the block a few times, we finally found the entrance.

The lobby was lovely. It was large and welcoming and so pretty.

Our room was a really nice size. It had a large main area with lots of desk space and a little seating area. The TV was large and the bed was super comfy. The coffee was as expected but they had liquid creamer, so I was happy (yes, I drink hotel room coffee).

The view was nice but we were one floor above the rooftop terrace. Occasionally people were walking around down there. It wasn’t very frequent, but when it’s busier I could see it being a little awkward.

But the best part of the room was the bathroom, specifically the shower. It was spacious and clean, but most importantly, the handle to turn on the water was by the shower door, not under the water, so you don’t get wet turning on the water. That is one of my major pet peeves. I know I’m about to get wet anyway, but I don’t want to until the water is warm (first world problems, I know).

The rooftop bar was really nice. It was next to the pool and had TVs and chargers built into the bar top. The hotel wasn’t near capacity so it was nice and empty, but I’m sure it will be super packed as it picks up.

With taxes and parking, we paid $336.84 per night for a Wednesday to Friday stay. A little steep, considering it was a weekday and there was still construction happening, but overall satisfied with our stay.

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  1. Sounds worth the money for the destination. Never thought about the shower in that way but can see your point when either feeling the cold water on entry or rinsing the base of the shower after use. Thanks for the interesting review. Have a great day, and feel free to check out any of my hotel reviews also 🙂

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