Restaurant Review: Buffalo Chips, Bonita Springs

Buffalo Chips is a restaurant in Bonita Springs, FL, between Fort Myers and Naples. They have a lot of typically Buffalo items on the menu so stopping there on our drive to Miami for the Bills at Dolphins game only made sense.

*Side note: Hurricane Ian hit that area the next week and I hope everyone there, and in the area, are safe*

I stopped there once on a work trip pre-COVID and I recalled liking it, so I was excited to take The Husband.

We ordered the most Buffalo things on the menu: chicken wings, pizza, and fish fry.

The wings were pretty solid, for Florida. They were cooked well enough and the sauce was what a medium sauce should taste like.

The Husband ordered a pizza, thinking he would have leftovers to soak up the booze after the game the next day. The pizza was awful. It tasted like the crappy pizza that was served in my high school back in the day. The crust tasted like a frozen crust that wasn’t cooked properly and the pizza itself didn’t have much flavor. I only tried one bite, and The Husband barely ate it, which is really rare for him.

I had the fish and chips. A Buffalo fish with beer-battered haddock is one of my favorite Buffalo foods, and I ate it almost every Friday during Lent when I still lived there. They cut theirs into fingers and say it’s just like a Buffalo fish fry. I can definitively say it most definitely is not. It was soggy and the breading was nothing like in Buffalo.

For those who don’t know what a proper Buffalo fish fry is, here is a beautiful example.

J Dubs Pizza and Subs fish fry in Alexander, NY

I was overall disappointed with our meal at Buffalo Chips. It was relatively busy and the service was super slow, so maybe that contributed to the quality of the food. If I was in the area and craving wings, I would still go back.

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