Clarksburg Cider Co.

I spent a couple weeks back in WNY and had time to check out some new places with some old friends.

One of my very oldest friends (37ish years!) took me to Clarksburg Cider Co for lunch and I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious both the cider and the food was!

He lives in the middle of nowhere, but nearby was a newly constructed covered bridge, so we stopped for a quick photo op on our way to the cider co.

Perfect backdrop for the Corvette C8

I don’t drink a lot of cider, so I started with a flight so I could try a few. I liked them all but I really loved the Lilikoi Lavender Pride Cider. I literally will eat/drink any thing floral, especially lavender (and rose!).

We shared the poutine (because I can’t say no to poutine ever; I’m a sucker for cheese curds) and the diavolo pizza. They were both so good! Flavorful and exactly the way they should be.

My friend’s almost-wife ordered the gluten free pizza, and we were pleasantly surprised with how fluffy the crust was.

The location was really nice. There was a large outdoor area, but the current yellow jacket problem in WNY kept us inside. The inside was clean and cute, and overall aesthetically pleasing.

Even if you don’t like cider, I highly recommend Clarksburg Cider Co if you are in WNY!

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