Hotel Review: Southernmost on the Beach

After a two-night stay at the Hilton Baker’s Cay Resort in Key Largo for The Husband’s birthday, we decided we might as well head all the way down the rest of the keys to Key West.

We hadn’t been there together in 10 years, but both fondly remembered our last stay there at Southernmost on the Beach. Nostalgia got the best of us and we decided to stay there again.

We booked the oceanfront king and were pretty disappointed. The view was nice but the walkway was outside the front door to the room, which was facing the water. If you had the curtains open to enjoy the view, everyone walking by could see into your room.

Sitting area facing the water, and the walkway

The view was pretty lovely, though. There were some chairs outside, but they weren’t specifically for each room, more like common areas.

The room itself was okay. It felt a little musty, so I wasn’t surprised when we went to bed and could see light shining in around the door frame. The bed was pretty comfy but nothing spectacular. The bathroom was really small and the sink was outside the bathroom. I prefer the sink to be in the same room as the rest of the bathroom, but that’s just my preference. They also didn’t have bar soap, just a large container of “hand wash” that is clearly used by everyone who stays in that room.

The common areas were nice but it smelled so awful. Apparently the main beach area is a public beach owned by the city and it was covered in a foul-smelling seaweed. It made relaxing outside less than ideal. There are two pools, and the adult pool was far enough from the beach that the smell wasn’t too bad.

This stay wasn’t nearly as nice as the last time. Everything seemed a little worn and dated. Or maybe my expectation of $500+ rooms has evolved in the last decade. Either way, if I return to Key West in the future I would definitely stay somewhere else.

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