TreeHoppers Dade City

I’m afraid of heights and, honestly, not exactly one with nature, but when I had the opportunity to try out TreeHoppers in Dade City on a warm, sunny day, I couldn’t say no! The last (and only) time I was there it was cold and rainy so I figured I owed myself a redo.

A girlfriend and I headed there on a hot, sunny FL afternoon. The Husband decided that once was enough and he was never going in a tree again.

We were worried that it would be busy with kids out on summer break, but we practically had the place to ourselves!

After a harness fitting and demonstration on tree safety and how to clip into the courses, we were off!

Practice course to make sure you understand how to use the safety equipment.
Different levels of courses. I stayed on the bottom course. A little girl showed us how it was done on the top course! Talk about feeling like a giant wimp!

Those barrels on the right were honestly the hardest part of the course!

That’s my “I’m gonna act cool but I really want to cry” face.
My girlfriend Didi met me there and crushed the course! She’s a thrill-seeker who loves that kind of stuff!

The ziplining looked the scariest, but it was actually the best part. It was quick and fun and, most importantly, required zero effort unless the other obstacles!

TreeHoppers in Dade City is definitely worth the drive from Tampa. It’s a fun way to try something new and burn some calories at the same time. Pro tip: fill out the waiver online before you go. It will save you a lot of time. Also, wear closed toe shoes. You will NOT be allowed on the obstacles if you have open toe shoes on. You can bring food and (nonalcoholic) drinks, or you can buy onsite. They even accept Apple Pay!

TH course map
Photo courtesy of TreeHoppers, course map.


Disclaimer: The tickets were provided to me, but my opinions are all my own. And sometimes the Husband’s.

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