Florida State Fair 2019

Every year, I’m absolutely positive that the yearly inaugural state fair, the Florida State Fair, can’t possibly be better than the previous! The food gets wilder, and tastier, and the exhibits get more and more entertaining!

Of course, the food is amazing. Almost too amazing. There are so many choices that I couldn’t make a decision about what to have! Finally, my inner child won and I had deep fried Oreos. And you better believe I had every single bite!

The rides were all the same fair rides with one exception: they never ended! Just when you thought there couldn’t be one more ride, you found a whole new section! If you like rides, the unlimited ride band is definitely worth the price!

My favorite part, though, was all of the exhibits. You could pet animals, from goats to giraffes, and learn all about local wildlife and vegetation. I loved learning about locally grown strawberries and the baby alligators were adorable! If your a nerd like me, or want a fun yet educational day with your kids, you’ll love the Florida State Fair!

Disclaimer: the tickets were provided to me, it my opinion is all my own. And sometimes the Husband’s. 

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