Restaurant Review: Taco Dirty

It’s no secret that the Ciccio Restaurant Group is responsible for many of the amazing innovative concepts in Tampa, including my personal favorite Fresh Kitchen (OMG those sweet potato noodles are everything!). So I was super stoked when they opened their newest concept, Taco Dirty. Just like Fresh Kitchen,  you order at the counter and go down the line, creating your bowl or tacos as you go. They use all fresh ingredients and you can tell: the veggies taste like they are straight out of grandma’s garden.

I went the day they opened and although the line was long, it went by faster than I expected. Plus, you have the adorable décor to look at while you wait.


Looks like everyone in Tampa was excited for Taco Dirty to open!



The walls are adorned with different avocados!


The outside seating area has one of Tampa’s best spots to snap an Instagram pic!

My eyes were bigger than my stomach so I ordered many, many things. Everything looked so good and it was too hard to choose! The tacos were really good but the bowl definitely won best in show!


Everything was really good, except the queso was hard by the time I got back to my seat.

I really enjoyed Taco Dirty, and I can’t wait to go back and see how it evolves.










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