This weekend yet Wednesday, I want to be right here. Yesterday was my last day at my job in the ICU/PCU at St Joe’s North. I’m starting a new fabulous job where I have weekends and holidays off! I’ve never had a job like that in my whole life; not when I was serving ice cream at an amusement park in high school, not as a nurse’s aide during nursing school, and never, ever as a nurse. I can barely control my excitement!

It’s also the weekend of our third annual Bloodbath Halloween party!


1st annual Bloodbath! Rae and Jeremy, the Blood part of Bloodbath, were (obviously) Dr. Evil and Mini Me and can you guess what the Husband and I were?

Yep, we were Tobias and Lindsay Funke from Arrested Development!


2nd annual Bloodbath. Rae and Jeremy were Fred and Wilma Flintstone and the Husband and I were….

Chris Farley and Christina Applegate from the SNL skit Motivational Speaker!

Where do you want to be today?


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