Scotties Soft Summer Moments and Giveaway!

Living in Florida, it’s hard to think about summer being over. It’s still hot, humid, and muggy everyday (except during the lovely tropical storms that head our way). Luckily, we have beautiful beaches to spend hot, lazy summer days.


Courtesy of  ABC Action News.

But just look at this view! A beautiful sandy beach and aqua water during the day, fiery sunsets at night. You can float in the Gulf or go sea shelling along the coast.

I’m so lucky to live where people vacation.


Indian Rock’s Beach, FL


Picture courtesy of Scotties Facial Tissues.

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like going to the beach. I know it’s hard to believe, but it does get hot and sand gets everywhere! Good thing we have nice cool springs to choose from.

One of my new favorite summer activities is kayaking down the Weeki Wachee River, north of Tampa. It’s so fun and relaxing to get in a kayak and slowly paddle your way down the river, enjoying the beautiful scenery from Mother Nature.


Some of the most crystal clear, cool water that you’ll find in Florida. Extra refreshing on a hot summer day.

Another new summertime activity for me is tubing. I went tubing down Ginnie Springs with my coworkers and it was my first time tubing down a real river (lazy rivers don’t count). It was so much fun! Just like Weekie Wachee, the water was cool and refreshing which was especially nice after sleeping in a hot tent (Did I mention that I actually went camping?!). Although camping is not my idea of fun, nothing says summer like a tent and a bonfire. And the river had some beautiful sunsets!


Tubing with my coworkers!


Straight from God’s paintbrush.


No bonfire is complete without a cat making s’mores! Photo courtesy of Scotties Facial Tissues.

Unfortunately, I developed allergies for the first time in my life so sometimes I can’t always go enjoy nature the way I really want to. Thank goodness for pools! This way I can still cool off without being amongst all the trees and pollen.


I have Scotties tissues literally everywhere at all times. It’s my best defense against all the summer pollen that gets blown around.

Those are some of my favorite Florida summer moments. What summer memories make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Comment below for a chance to win a Scotties Facial Tissue care package and $25 gift card to Amazon!



Disclaimer: Although care package and gift card were provided by Scotties Facial Tissue, my opinions are all my own. And sometimes the Husband’s.


12 thoughts on “Scotties Soft Summer Moments and Giveaway!”

  1. Your blog is bar far my favorite! And who doesn’t love fluffy kittens… Wait… Kittens make me need Scotties!! Good one Scotties… Good one!

  2. I love Watching the Florida summer storms roll in and the amazing sunsets that happen after. As a Florida native, it’s predictable that the weather will be unpredictable- It’s just one of the many reasons to love home sweet Florida. And scotties tissues are the softest!

  3. My favorite summer activity is sleeping. I love that I can sleep in, have a late breakfast, take my time getting ready, check my shop and answer emails, and then go outside and still have hours of sunshine left! My second favorite summer activity is picnics – mmm sandwiches, easy meal prep and easy clean up.

  4. The memory of this summer that leaves me all warm and fuzzy is the wedding of a dear friend’s daughter. It was a very special night.

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