South Tampa’s First Brewery: 81 Bay

Welcome to the neighborhood 81 Bay! I’m so excited to have a brewery just a short bike ride away!

81 Bay had their soft opening last Thursday, with their grand opening scheduled for 8/13/16 (813 being the area code for Tampa!). Although it’s not completed, you can see where it’s headed and it’s going to be awesome!

Currently, they have seven brews on tap (up from six when I went on Sunday!).



I really like the Ramble On Raspberry. It’s hard to explain. It tasted like beer, but sweet, but not like a fruity beer, but more like a sour but not at all sour. I know, that as terrible. You’ll just have to go there and try it for yourself. Let me know if you can describe it better than me! I also tried the Lightning Lager (mostly because I was driving and it’s a whopping 3.2%. It was light and refreshing and will be a big hit with the Bud Light beer drinkers. Or anyone on the beach. The Husband tried the Fishwater IPA, which he gave 4 caps to on UnTappd and U Name It Pale Ale, which he gave 3.75 caps to. Which means he liked them both.

They hired an artist to paint the giant inside and when it’s done it’s going to look like a moving wall!


His hair is going to move like he’s underwater.



They’re going to show games on the giant screen on the wall and they are putting up TVs at the bar that will show both the menu and games.

The bathroom concept its pretty cool but as a nurse, I’m a little apprehensive to use it. See, the stalls are in one area with door that requires you to open to get out. However, the sinks are shared on the outside. So you can’t wash your hands before opening the door, nor is there towels to use so you don’t have to touch the door. As a germaphobe, I have hand sanitizer in my purse, but I didn’t take my purse to the bathroom the first time I went. 81 Bay, if you read this, please at least put hand sanitizer dispensers by the door of the bathroom.


Hand washing sink outside the bathrooms. Cool concept, unless you’re a germaphobe like me.

81 Bay is open Thursday 410, Friday 3-11, Saturday 12-11, and Sunday 12-8.

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