The Joys of Hurricane Season in Tampa

For most parts of the country the arrival of June means the beginning of summer, BBQs, and weekends at the lake. For Florida, it means the beginning of hurricane season. From June 1st until November 31st Floridians must get used to extreme heat, humidity, and heavy rain and wind that comes out of nowhere!


See those dark clouds taking over the blue sky? That’s summer in Florida.

More times than not, the rain stops as quickly as it starts. The sky will be clear, the sun will be shining, then all of a sudden its dark and the rain is coming down in huge droplets.


Nice sunny day in St Pete…


Ten minutes later. I’m not kidding.


So beautiful, barely a cloud in the sky. Let’s head to the beach…



Twenty minutes later. RIP tent.

And sometimes, you can see where the rain starts and stops. Once, it was raining in front of my house, but not in the back!


Generally, the storms pass through quickly and leave little to no damage. But it’s best to be prepared. Every June 1st we put water, candles, matches, a flashlight, and some crackers and peanut butter in our closet, just in case (and make sure the wine rack is fully stocked!).


Emergency preparedness kit in our closet, which is in the middle of the house and has no windows (unfortunately, you rarely find basements in Florida).

The most annoying part, besides the monsooning rain? The crap in the air that all the wind picks up and throws around! I never had allergies until I moved here and now my nose runs so much that I look like I have a crack problem! I’ve never sneezed or blew my nose as much in my life as I do during hurricane season. I have to carry tissues with me everywhere I go.


My Scotties tissues. Yes, I even need them at the pool. I like these tissues because they don’t make my nose red or the skin under my nose break out like some of the tissues with all the added stuff do. Plus, look how pretty the box is! And they plant three trees for every one they use to make their products. You can find more info about their Tree Planting Promise and tips on staying healthy on Scotties website.

Do you have the same allergy problems that I do? Well, you’re in luck! I have a Scotties Carepack of tissues AND a $25 gift card to one of their retailers to give away! To enter, let me know what your biggest allergy struggle is in the comments below. One winner will be picked at random.


Example of a Scotties Carepack!

If you’re planning on coming to Florida during hurricane season, make sure you have your umbrella and Scotties tissues packed! Trust me, you’ll thank me.

Disclaimer: The Scotties tissues were provided to me but my opinions are all my own. And sometimes the Husband’s.

7 thoughts on “The Joys of Hurricane Season in Tampa”

  1. My biggest allergy problem is probably a tie between my nose getting super itchy, and my eyes getting red and/or watery!

  2. I personally don’t have allergy but my daughters allergies are horrible. Her nose gets so runny and she gets an awful way cough! Needless to say we go through a lot of tissues!

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