Happy 32nd Birthday to the Husband

Yes, the Husband is a prince. Maybe not in the literal form but our closest friends say he is. All those issues that married people usually have? Not us. I’m super lucky that I managed to pick a guy that is easy going, polite, educated, and tolerable of my shit. I know I’m the difficult, annoying one; that’s ok, I make life fun.

But really, he makes life fun. He encourages me when I need it, knocks me down when I need it, and loves me no matter what. If you’ve read my blog journal at all, you know I’m a lot to deal with. My opinions are strong, my wine is strong, and my mouth is big.

I’m not saying we don’t fight because we obviously do. Any married couple that says they don’t are giant liars. I can guarantee that. But our fights end quick, usually because I end up laughing at him. He’s thoughtful and consider, which is extra annoying when I’m trying to be mad at him! He’s no fool and he knows what he’s doing.

We’ve traveled a lot since his 24th birthday, the first birthday we celebrated together. Thank you for all the wonderful memories, Isaac, and when you blow out your candles, I hope you wish for a lifetime of more.

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So many birthdays, so much fun. I hope that this one is just as fabulous at the the others. Love you Husband and happy birthday!

3 thoughts on “Happy 32nd Birthday to the Husband”

  1. What a great post! Love all the photos. Do you have the very first one you took of him I wonder? Happy Birthday Isaac! You’re my favorite son in law 😀

  2. You two sound like a happy, well suited pair. Birthday wishes to Isaac.
    Have a great Bday celebration!

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