The Husband’s cousin and her fam live in Atlanta. So of course we like to visit. And usually we stay in their fab condo in Buckhead.

But this time we stayed right in Atlanta. We love the Loew’s Hotels, and they have a relatively new hotel in Atlanta. So we decided to stay there. And thank goodness we did. It was so fantastic. The epitome of amazing customer service. Gorgeous hotel and perfect lobby bar. Awesome location.

We took the MARTA from the airport, because I love public transportation. The hotel was just a few short blocks from the MARTA. And it was so beautiful. You could see it clearly as you were walking from the station exit.


Riding the MARTA. So happy to be on public transportation.

loews atl

The Loew’s Atlanta

When we checked in we were immediately treated like royalty. The receptionist told us we would do cartwheels when we saw our room. And what she really meant was that we could literally do cartwheels in our room. We were upgraded to the penthouse corner suite, and given a free pass to their awesome exercise classes in the gym.

The room was amazing. The view was spectacular.

DSC_2857 DSC_2859

View from our room

DSC_2861 DSC_2854 DSC_2869 DSC_2863 DSC_2862

Awesome room. The living room was so comfortable, the bathroom was fantastic. The bed was so luxurious and just enveloped you right in. The dark curtains made it extra delightful in the morning for snuggling.

Usually we check in, drop our crap off, I take some photos, and we leave the room. This room made us actually want to hang out in it.

loews atl husband

The Husband hanging out, watching the sun set.

True to our style, we spent some time drinking at the lobby bar. They bartenders proved to be great tour guides, and there were quite a few locals that chose the lobby bar as their local hangout. We learned a lot about restaurants and microbreweries in Atlanta.


Pretty easy to find something you like at the lobby bar.

And of course, we like to take photos of ourselves, especially after having a beverage or two.


I’m not sure if the camera is blurry, or our faces are….

We loved the room so much, we chose to stay in for breakfast the next morning, instead of finding some hole in the wall breakfast place (which I love so much).


Room service was fabulous. Delicious. Spectacular.

When we booked our room, we chose a package that included tickets to the Georgia Aquarium. We had been before, but we love aquariums. We try and go in every city we visit.

859 843 830

An amazing aquarium. Definitely the best, in every category, of any aquarium we have ever visited.

And of course….


Sometimes we just take photos as proof we really went. Our memories aren’t the best…..

And all that walking around the aquarium made us thirsty. We like to go to the Hard Rock Cafe when we travel, mostly because a) it helps us keep track of where we’ve been and b) it’s always the same, always familiar. There is no guesswork involved in going to the Hard Rock.


The bartender thought I looked really parched. And he could tell I’m a huge Pink Floyd fan.

And of course we ate at Taco Mac. Two guys originally from Buffalo started this place. So I had a beef on weck. And the Husband had chicken wings. And lots of beer. The Husband was determined to work his way up through the Brewniversity.

Then we got back on the MARTA and spent the rest of the trip in Buckhead. And it was wonderful.

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