Disney On Ice

The magic of Disney can transform even the most curmudgeoned of curmudgeons in to wishing upon a star. It felt like Tinkerbell flew over the stadium and sprinkled fairy dust on everyone the moment Mickey and Minnie stepped out on to the ice.



There is just something about the familiar faces of Belle and the Beast, Aladdin and Jasmin that make adults of my generation and older feel like they are sitting in front of the tube TV in their parent’s carpeted living room, wearing footie pajamas. The songs, all of which were sung at Disney On Ice, are so nostalgic that you can’t help but sing along.



For the younger crowd, the long synopsis of Frozen created a singing and screaming frenzy that may have rivaled the Beatles. It was truly amazing to see how happy seeing the characters of Frozen made every little girl in that arena.


Disney On Ice, which runs two hours total, including an intermission, is enjoyable and educational. The starting skit is based on the importance of being healthy to be happy. I totally wanted to trade my nachos for an apple after watching.

Disney on Ice runs through Sunday and there are tickets still available. Whether you have kids or are just a kid at heart, I highly recommend checking out the show!


Although the tickets were provided to me, my opinions are all my own, and sometimes the Husbands.