When you don’t have time to travel: Indian Potluck

The Husband is half Indian.


No, not that kind of Indian!!

The Husband’s dad is from India. As a result, the Husband makes a killer chicken tikka masala. Must be in his blood or something. So we thought Indian was a the perfect choice for our next potluck, and I wanted to wear my beautiful pink sari.


The girls in our Indian outfits.

I have to admit, we bought the naan. I’ve made roti a few times and I just didn’t feel like making it. I mean, it’s so much easier to just go to the Publix around the corner than spend the time making bread. And it probably tastes better anyway!

So the husband made up two batches of chicken tikka masala, and our friends brought over rice, chickpeas, and mango chutney.

food chickpeas


And of course beer. Obviously we had beer. We had Kingfisher, a household favorite around here. We also tried Taj Mahal and Lion Imperial, which is from Sri Lanka (close enough).


Indian beer.

Then we listened to Punjabi MC and danced a little (well the girls anyway). Then we thought it was only fitting to watch Russell Peters to end the Indian potluck!