Sherlock Holmes Museum, London, England

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is located at 221b Baker St, the actual address Sir Arthur Canon Doyle gave Sherlock Holmes in the novels. Today, the four-story Georgian townhouse is decorated as if Sherlock Holmes lives there. A visit is like stepping back into late 1800’s London.

The tour starts on the first floor (second floor for Americans). This was his living and forensic area. A guide dressed in period clothing gives you insight into the world of Sherlock Holmes, and it’s so thorough that you really believe he lived there. You are free to roam and take photos, and the guide is available to answer questions.

Then you head up to the second floor (third for Americans) which is set up as living quarters. Again, the guide gives you insight into the rooms, then you can look at all the different artifacts.

On the third floor (fourth for Americans) are scenes set up like scenes in the novels.

After looking around the top floor, you head back to the ground floor to browse the shop. As you can imagine, they have everything Sherlock Holmes related that you can think of. It was really cute to watch little kids try on the Sherlock Holmes hat.

The tickets are £16 each, which is cheaper than a lot of museums we’ve been to and definitely worth the visit. There isn’t a lift, so it would be hard to see for people who have difficulty with stairs.

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