Tampa Restaurant Review: Ducky’s

The Husband and I took the day after the Super Bowl off from work. We had a small party and played a lot of flip cup. So needless to say, we needed a good lunch the next day. We’ve been wanting to try Ducky’s since it opened at it seemed like the perfect day to go.
Friends let friends play flip cup.

Ducky’s is very unassuming and looks small from the outside. I was pleasantly surprised when we walked in. It it very spacious and open, and the tables aren’t so close to each other that you feel like you’re eating with strangers.
The bar, with lots of draft beer choices.
I thought I had to at least try the Ducky’s brew, and it was really good! Just my kind of beer; light, crisp, and not at all hoppy. Unfortunately, I hate hops and that really burdens my beer drinking.

Ducky’s pilsner. Relly good, but I wish they had frosty mugs. I like my beer really cold.

We were going for full on unhealthy when we went there. As we all know, the Husband is quite a picky eater. Honestly, if a five year old likes it, so does he. And that’s it. The menu at Ducky’s is seriously made for someone like him. Lots of easy options, and everything we tried was good. We started with the sausage roll and it was sooooo good. It had a really good flavor and wasn’t greasy at all.

So delicious, and cheap too!

We had to try the pizza. First, we were hungover a little, so it only seemed appropriate. Second, we love pizza (we are NYers) and are always looking for really good pizza. It was actually pretty good. It’s not NY style, but we didn’t expect it to be. But the crust was cooked just right and the sauce wasn’t too sweet. It’s the perfect kind of pizza to eat after a night of drinking.

Exactly what we needed.

We also ordered the chicken tenders and fries. I’m not sure why since we already ordered so much food. The chicken tenders were decent and the fries were good. They were the only things I wouldn’t order again, but mostly because they other food is much better.

Nothing special but not bad.

The only thing I didn’t like was the parking. It was hard to tell where to pull in and the parking lot is behind the building. You have to cross a little alleyway to pull in, and it has one of the biggest potholes I have ever seen. And someone was washing their truck right behind Ducky’s, which confused me and got my shoes wet.

I’m pretty sure Ducky’s will become our new go-to when we just want a beer or a snack. One of these times I’m going to try the bowling. I watched a family play and it looks like fun, and it has bumpers! So maybe I’ll actually knock a pin down!