Monster Flips, Monster Tricks, Monster Jam!

Trucks, 12 feet high, with tires taller than me, racing around a track and doing wheelies? What’s not to love?


Monster Jam returned to Tampa and put on quite a show!

The first wheelie competitor proved that giant trucks could fly at impossible angles! You would never know that truck weighs more than 10,000 pounds.



The landing wasn’t quite as smooth as the wheelie but it was neat to watch the tractor flip the truck back over. 

The race competition brought out the best in the the trucks’ ability to accelerate fast and whip around corners.


Next came the freestyle competition.The trucks were timed while they showed off the best of their skills.


Did you miss all the fun at Monster Jam?


So much fun! Just remember to bring earplugs!

Lucky for you, they’re coming back next month for another show at Raymond James Stadium on February 4th. You can buy tickets here.


Disclaimer: The ticket were provided, but my opinions are all my own. And sometimes the Husband’s.