Tampa Restaurant Review: Flight Restaurant and Lounge

I had a $25 gift card and it’s right next to the hospital I work at. So after a long day of wiping ass kissing ass saving lives, I desperately needed a glass of wine and for someone to cook me dinner.

Enter my savior: Flight Restaurant and Lounge.

At first, I was a little annoyed. It’s actually kind of hard to see from the road. Cigar City Brew Pub and Grill 116 are in front and are sort of distracting. But once I found it, I realized it was definitely worth the effort.

As soon as we walked in we saw a couple guys playing music in one of the coolest setups I have ever seen at a small restaurant. They were set up above the level of the main dining area inside what looked like a picture frame.

photo 1

The awesome live music area.

And the music was just my style, Jack Johnson meets Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Then I ordered a glass of the house merlot and fell in love! $12 bottomless house wines?!?! Are you KIDDING me?!?! And the fab bartender Chris was so quick with the pour that I had a new glass before the previous one was empty.

photo 4

Good work Chris. Good work.

Lucky for me the Husband was my DD. But he did still get to enjoy one of the craft beers they had on tap, and he really liked it.

I went a little nontraditional with my dinner and ordered nachos. It was just one of those kind of nights. And since the Husband is sooo picky and doesn’t eat nachos, it’s not often that I get to have them. But the homemade chips sounded too good to pass up.

photo 2

And they were super delish.

The Husband ordered pulled pork sliders and they came in a very unique presentation. The pulled pork was served under an onion ring stuffed with mac and cheese.

photo 3

Lucky for me, the Husband doesn’t like mac and cheese and ordered it on the side (it’s one of my all time favorite foods!).

He was still hungry after his sliders, so we ordered the wings.

photo 5

Wings, approved by Buffalonians.

We are from Buffalo, and we are still pretty picky about our wings. If you serve them with the “handle” still attached, well, forgetaboutit. Not happening and we probably won’t be back.

But these wings were quite big and they had lots of different sauce options. And they served them with the traditional bleu cheese and celery, which I like. (Buffalonians serve theirs with carrots too, but I’m not that picky.)

To be completely honest, though, I’m not sure we will frequent Flight very often, and it’s strictly a geographical issue. If it was in South Tampa, it would absolutely, hands down, no option, become a regularly frequented spot. But since it’s on Dale Mabry Highway (which I avoid like the plague). I don’t think we will go there a whole lot. It will, however, be my go-to after work, so hungry I can’t wait to get home, so thirsty I need a drink now, place to go. Or maybe my coworkers will want to check it out. Or really any valid, arguable excuse. Then I will GLADLY go back.