Tiny Rides of Rome

One of my favorite things about Rome (other than food, architecture, and history) is the size of the vehicles. Of course, there are regular sized cars but with the narrow streets and limited parking, many Romans drive tiny rides.

They have the usual Mini Coopers and Smart Cars. It’s the unusual that grabbed my attention.

My favorite is this tiny electric car, seen everywhere in Rome. The Citroën Ami city car is only approx $6,000-10,000 (depending on model and country). It’s actually considered a “light quadricycle” and not a car, and only goes a max of 45 mph. But it’s cute and perfect for the streets of Rome.

You’ll also find a lot of older tiny rides. I’m honestly surprised they’ve survived this long, based on the wild driving here.

Another favorite is the Renault Twizy. This tiny ride is also electric and claims to hold two people but I’ve only seen one person in them. According to the website, the passenger sits behind the driver. It’s also electric, and goes about 50 mph.

There’s also tons of these three-wheeled older trucks. Most of them are making deliveries, and what is shocking is how tall the people are that get out of them. These tiny trucks are much shorter than my 5’5″ but somehow these guys fit.

Of course, there are tons of motorbikes and motorcycles. Like everywhere. You need to always watch where you’re walking or risk getting hit by one. But some have a little sidecar and I love it.

Some people drive what look like ATVs.

I think I could live here for a decade and still not being comfortable driving in Rome, especially in a tiny car. But if I ever do, it’s the Citroën for me!

Which is your favorite tiny ride?