Stay Classy: the Will Farrell Bar NYC

Yes, you read that right. There is a theme bar in NYC that is based on Will Farrell movies. Of course the Husband came across this one. He loves movies, especially comedies. And how could I say no to a bar that plays Anchorman on repeat?

Stay Classy is your quintessential dive bar; long, narrow, a little dark, and the drinks come in plastic cups. But this dive bar happens to have Will Farrell’s face all over it and it’s awesome.


The menu is also Will Farrell themed (obviously). The drinks have some interesting names, based on some of his best movies.


What would you order???

I ordered A Whale’s Vagina because I love Anchorman and that part of the movie, and I love sloe gin. It was too sweet and served in a plastic cup, which I hate. But we weren’t there for quality cocktails. We were there for the experience. And we sure got it.


If you’re a Will Farrell fan even the slightest bit, or you just like one of his movies a lot, you should definitely add this to your NYC itinerary. It’s different and entertaining, and I doubt you can get this experience anywhere else.