Restaurant Review: Hominy Grill

It turns out Charleston is pretty well know for their southern culinary establishments. I really had no idea until I started researching what to do while we were there. Unfortunately, the Husband has quite the picky palate and there wasn’t much he would like at some of the top rated restaurants. We did, however, find a great brunch that he ended up loving.

IMG_1452 IMG_1451

Hominy Grill was a bit of a walk from our hotel and the main downtown area but it was so worth it. It seemed less touristy and more neighborhood-like. We arrived at just the right time; the wait was only a few minutes. They don’t take reservations for brunch and it sounded like it was a pretty popular brunch spot for the locals so I was nervous that I would be waiting forever for a table.

We sat down and immediately ordered a round of mimosas and some banana bread. Isn’t that how everyone starts brunch? If not, you should.


Perfect banana bread.

I usually try and eat whatever the local flavors or favorites are. So even thought I don’t really care for grits, I ordered some anyway.


Cheese grits. Now, I could tell that they were good. I’ve tried enough grits to at least know when I should like them. Yet they continue to taste like wicker furniture to me.

Charleston also loves their biscuits. So I ordered a biscuit sandwich to go with my grits.


Just like grits, I don’t love biscuits. I like my food wet. The sandwich was still really good, especially after I covered it in ketchup and hot sauce.

The Husband had the winning meal this time. He had the fried chicken biscuit and gravy. Oh boy, it was good. The gravy wasn’t salty like it can be sometimes and it made the biscuit the perfect consistency for my weird dry food issue. Delicious.


Doesn’t that just scream southern?

Next we go to Charleston we are definitely going back for dinner.